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3 Sites for a Free Bet: Everybody Loves a bargain!

We all enjoy a good deal, especially when it comes in the shape of a free wager on one of our favourite sporting events. The following are three fantastic websites that provide their consumers with free bets: These websites cater to your every need, whether you want to wager money on your favourite sports team or you simply want to give online gambling a shot for the first time. 

The use of free wagers is an excellent approach to getting started with the excitement of online gambling. A free bet that does not require a player to make an initial deposit into their account is known as a “no deposit free bet.” You should employ this particular kind of free bet to place a wager on your preferred sporting competition or team. Before you make a real commitment, you may try out the site and get a sense of the odds by using this free bet that’s been provided to you. 

Sites that offer free bets

The internet is full of sites that offer free bets, but which ones are the best? Here are three of our favourites: 1. Betfair – Betfair offers a £10 free bet to new customers who sign up and place a £10 bet. There are plenty of other promos and bonuses available once you become a customer too. 2. Paddy Power – Paddy Power also has a £10 free bet offer for new customers, with similar conditions to Betfair. They have lots of other great offers available as well, so it’s worth signing up! 3. Ladbrokes offers a £50 matched bet to new customers. 

Betfair: offers a £10 no lose a bet to new customers 

If you’re looking for a free bet, Betfair is a great option. They offer £10 to new customers with no catch. All you have to do is sign up and place your first bet. If you lose, they’ll refund your stake. So, it’s risk-free! Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or just trying it out, be sure to check out Betfair for your next betting experience. 

The Betfair website is smart, slick, and full of useful features, including the latest news and data. It’s easy to navigate, even if you’re new to betting. And if you want to deposit and withdraw money, the site is secure and reliable. Sign up today and claim your free £10 bet! 

Run a search for “Betfair” or click here + New Customers only, limited to one per customer. You must be over 18. 

Paddy Power: Offers a risk-free £20 bet to new customers 

Paddy Power is one of the most popular and well-known bookmakers in Ireland. They offer a risk-free £20 bet to new customers, which is a great way to get started with betting on sports. There are plenty of other reasons to love Paddy Power, including their competitive odds, Free Bet Club offers, and Cash Out feature. 

Paddy Power allows customers to place wagers on a wide variety of topics in addition to sports, including politics and the entertainment industry. Although the layout of Paddy Power’s website might use some improvement, it is simple to access the information you require and has a satisfactory user interface. The mobile betting experience provided by Paddy Power is among the very finest available. You can place bets and bet on sports using your mobile, wherever you are. 

Paddy Power is a great option for Irish sports fans. They offer a great selection of sports betting markets, a simple and easy-to-use betting website and great odds. If you are looking to bet on sports in Ireland, Paddy Power is a solid choice. 

Ladbrokes: Offer a £50 matched bet to new customers 

At this time, Ladbrokes is providing new clients with a matched bet worth up to £50. Ladbrokes is a name that is revered across the industry of online betting, and this presents an incredible potential for you to get some additional funds. Therefore, there is no reason not to take advantage of this deal right now. Register with Ladbrokes to take advantage of the greatest betting odds and receive a £50 free bet when you make your initial payment. 

The free bet will be credited within 24 hours. To claim up to a £50 matched bet, simply sign up to Ladbrokes by entering the promo code OPTIN on the Ladbrokes Promo Codes page. If you are already a Ladbrokes customer, please enter the promo code at the Ladbrokes Promotions Center. Then, use your free bet to bet on any sport available on the Ladbrokes website! There are several popular betting markets at Ladbrokes, including football, horse racing and more. Once you’ve made your deposit and made your first bet, simply check the Ladbrokes website for your free bet within 21 days. It’s that simple! 

Sports Betting Providers with the Best Odds 

The 5 Sports Betting Providers with the Best Odds 

If you’re looking for the sports betting providers with the best odds, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the 5 sports betting providers with the best odds around. Whether you’re looking to bet on your favorite team or try your hand at some forecasting, these providers will give you the best chance to win big! 

Top 5 sports betting providers 

To find the best sports betting providers, it is essential to compare the odds offered by different providers. The provider with the best odds will give you the highest chance of winning your bet. Here are the top 5 sports betting providers with the best odds: 

1) Sportaza


  • Website: 
  • License: Antillephone N.V. E-Gaming  
  • Sports: Football, American football, tennis and esports  

This provider offers competitive odds for various sports, making it a great option for those looking to bet on their favorite team or athlete. When placing a bet with Sportaza, you will be required to place your bet in person. If you are on the go, you can place your bets online through the Sportaza mobile app. 

When placing your bets online, you will be required to go through a verification process. It is important to keep in mind that you cannot use the Sportaza mobile app to bet on sporting events while on the go. Sportaza mobile app provides its users with up-to-date betting lines, odds, player stats, and more! 

2) Ladbrokes 


  • Website: 
  • License: The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association 
  • Sports: Football, table tennis, volleyball, badminton 

Another popular provider, Ladbrokes offers great value for money when it comes to sports betting. If you place a bet with Ladbrokes online, you will be able to place it using a variety of methods. Once your bets have been placed, they will be processed and available to view online, which makes this provider a convenient option. 

Ladbrokes also offers a range of ‘in-play options. These bets do not require a wager to be placed before they can be made, and allow you to easily place a bet on any team or player during a game. These bets are subject to various fees, however, these fees are low when compared with other providers. 

3) iBet 


  • Website: 
  • License: Malta Gaming Authority 
  • Sports: Ice hockey, basketball, boxing, rugby 

iBet is a popular provider among sports bettors because the odds are always competitive. You can place your bet using their online platform or mobile app. iBet is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. The betting site is well known for having a sense of humor.  

4) Betway 


  • Website: 
  • License: Malta gaming Authority 
  • Sports: 

Betway offers great value odds which makes it a popular option for sports bettors. You can place bets with Betway on a wide variety of sporting events. Once you have placed your bet, you can expect to have your betting slip delivered to your email address. 

With Betway, you can place bets with eight different currencies: US Dollar, Euro, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Australian Dollar, South African Rand, Swedish Krona, and Swiss Franc. Betting at Betway is mostly done through the website though some users choose to make use of the mobile app. The apps allow you to bet on mobile devices. 

5) Sportsbet 


  • Website: 
  • License: Northern Territory Racing Commissio, 
  • Sports: Horse racing 

Sportsbet is another great betting provider, giving you the option to place both in-game and pre-game wagers. You can place your bet with Sportsbet via their mobile app or through their website. The website allows you to place bets on up to five different sports. Sportsbet is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and regulated by the Northern Territory Racing Commission. 

Sports betting providers with the best odds 

There are a lot of sports betting providers out there, and it can be tough to know which ones offer the best odds. But never fear! We’re here to help you find the sports betting provider with the best odds for your needs. Whether you’re looking for football, basketball, baseball, or any other sport, we’ll make sure you get the best possible odds from a reputable provider. The 5 choices above give you the best quality and odds of winning. 

Providers with the best chance to win big 

When it comes to sports betting, the provider with the best odds is typically going to be the one that offers you the best chance to win big. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when shopping around for sports betting providers. First and foremost, make sure that they are reputable and have a good track record. Secondly, take a look at their customer service policies and procedures. Finally, check out their odds against other providers to get an idea of how competitive they are. 


The Soccer Leagues to Bet on for the Best Returns

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and there are many different leagues to bet on. The English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, and French Ligue 1 are some of the best leagues to bet on for the best returns. All three of these leagues have a lot of parity which means that any team can win on any given day. This makes betting on these leagues very exciting and also very profitable if you know what you’re doing. 

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world

It should come as no surprise that individuals are continually looking for new methods to make money off of soccer, given that it is one of the most popular sports played around the world. Even though there are a wide variety of various soccer leagues in existence, not all of them provide the same options for betting. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the top soccer leagues that you should bet on if you want to make a profit from your wagers.

One of the most popular ways to make money from soccer betting is by placing bets on Major League Soccer (MLS). One of the biggest reasons for this is that MLS games are all based in America, and a lot of people live there that have a lot of money to spend. This means that you can find better odds-on MLS matches. The MLS has been around for over 20 years now, and it’s one of the best leagues in the world. 

There are many different leagues to bet on, with some of the best being the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, and French Ligue 1

These are the most popular soccer leagues to bet on for the best returns. Many people enjoy betting on the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, and French Ligue 1 because they offer exciting games with a lot of scoring. placing bets on these leagues can be very profitable if you know what you’re doing. 

The European Leagues offer perhaps a greater variety of betting opportunities for the soccer fanatic. You can choose from games from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and many others. These leagues have very large fan bases and offer high odds. There are many different ways to bet on soccer. 

There is a lot of overlaying in the soccer markets compared to other sports and the bookmakers will be adjusting to the public betting patterns. It is important to take these into account and not be tempted to stick to a single team or selection. The goal is to be successful in the long run, not just in that one particular match. 

There are no huge pay-outs to be made betting on soccer and as a result, you need to be a consistent winner to make any money. This is why it is important to be mindful of the above tips and not just focus on picking a few big winners. 

Enjoy the World Cup! 

All three of these leagues have a lot of parity, meaning that any team can win on any given day

When it comes to betting on soccer, three leagues always provide a lot of excitement and potential for profits – the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and German Bundesliga. What makes these leagues so interesting from a betting perspective is the fact that any team can beat any other on any given day. This parity ensures that there are always close games and plenty of upsets, which can lead to some very lucrative returns for savvy bettors. 

Parity is also what makes these leagues so popular. While the other major sports have a few dominant teams (like the Yankees, Cowboys, Lakers or Red Wings of the NHL, NBA and MLB) in the soccer leagues, there’s no real equivalent. The only teams that have dominated are the Manchester United and Barcelona of the world, but even they have their ups and downs. This parity also means that each team is going to have an off day, even the best ones. 

If a top-rated team that usually wins by 2 or 3 goals starts losing games by 2 or 3 goals, it’s a good bet that they are playing poorly. Other teams in the league may not be playing as well as they normally do but when they play against a top-rated team, they can play above their normal level and score an upset win. 

Soccer Leagues

What Are The Soccer Leagues In Which Kiwi Sports Bettors Can Bet On?

Every year, there are numerous soccer leagues played all around the world. Soccer brings together fans from all over the world to form one body. If you want to bet on soccer leagues, here is a list of some of the top soccer leagues to bet on the best sports betting sites.

UEFA Champions League

The Union of European Football Associations, abbreviated as UEFA champions or UCL league, is a soccer event consisting of 32 clubs competing against each other in five rounds for the title of finest club in European Soccer. It is essentially a European club championship and among the most famous football contests in the world.

Every year, UEFA organises this competition, attended by the biggest European clubs. This is one of the most renowned competitions to bet on. People usually have their favourite teams ready in their minds. If you don’t already have one, watch a few matches and look over the history of the teams to get a better understanding of who to bet on.

English Premier League

If you want to gamble on the best soccer league globally, the English Premier League is the place to be! The English Premier League is one of England’s most popular football tournaments. In this tournament, 20 teams compete for the privilege of being proclaimed the English champions.

English Premier League

This competition is typically held between August and May, with each side playing 38 matches, 19 of which are at home and 19 of which are away. Plan your betting activity around that because the game is mainly played on Saturdays and Sundays. Select a team and the best online soccer betting website, monitor performance, and place bets accordingly.

ISPS Handa Premiership

Betting on championships in your home country of New Zealand is an opportunity you should not pass up. The New Zealand Football Championship season is now called the ISPS Handa Premiership for marketing purposes. Since its inception in 2004, the league has usually featured ten teams, with Auckland City and Team Wellington promoting the ISPS Handa Premiership.

ISPS Handa is an abbreviation for The International Sports Promotion Society, a Japanese entrepreneur formed to spread the value of sport throughout the world. It has undoubtedly achieved its goal by providing players with the opportunity to demonstrate their football skills. Furthermore, it has enabled bettors worldwide to place bets on the teams they support to gain more money based on the performance of the various teams.

Europa League

This is a competition for clubs that did not qualify for UCL by achieving qualifying positions in their leagues. Typically, these are the clubs that finish fifth and sixth. And it varies by country. The Europa League debuted in 2009. In the UEFA Super Cup, the UEFA Europa League winners face the UEFA Champions League champions. So, if your side did not make it to the top of the UCL, use this opportunity to cheer them on by making bets on them.

Soccer Betting

Follow These Soccer Betting Tips to Make More Money in New Zealand

The population of the world has a shared fondness for soccer games, which has resulted in a lot of excellent chances, including soccer betting. The same holds true in New Zealand. Soccer’s thrills and excitement have not failed to astound Kiwis who were previously more interested in sports such as rugby and cricket.

The level has risen further since the introduction of sports betting in New Zealand, which has allowed an increasing number of individuals to place bets on their favourite soccer player or team. However, betting on games is not the way to generate more money in New Zealand. You must be conscious of several key points that will help your victory. Here are a few pointers to help you become a better sports bettor in New Zealand.

soccer games

Always keep yourself updated

If you want to make a profit every time you bet on a soccer game, strive to stay up to date on soccer league standings and leagues. While the local New Zealand leagues are considerably easier to follow because they are smaller than the other leagues, foreign leagues can be more challenging to follow. International leagues happen on a global scale every year, and if you are new to the soccer field, you may make blunders while betting on these soccer games.

As a result, it is necessary to follow the leagues, which you can easily do on the internet and track the performance of the clubs or players on which you want to bet. There are also local social media groups you may join to stay up to date on the game’s stats at all times.

Follow the game in real-time

Knowing the history of a club or a person is essential, so is keeping track of the real-time live score when your team or individual is playing the game. Always keep an eye on the live scores and league standings, as this will allow you to make an informed decision while betting on the game. This can be useful for putting half-time and full-time bets when you can adequately analyse the game and place bets accordingly.

Learn about the different betting options

To get the most out of betting on a soccer game, you should first understand the various available bets. You will not be able to maximise your income from soccer betting if you are not correctly informed on the numerous betting options available. Each bet has its own advantages and applications, so it’s important to understand all betting choices in a soccer game to make more profit.

Protect yourself from loss by betting a double chance or draw no

If you want to gamble safely on a soccer game, try placing a double chance bet or a draw no bet. Both bets can boost your odds of winning by removing the draw option from the event, and you’ll end up betting just on the team’s winning and losing. So you’ll have a chance to win either way, but the team must win or lose rather than draw.

Mobile Betting Apps

Bet on Soccer on the Go on These Mobile Betting Apps in New Zealand

It is now easier than ever to bet on the sports of your choice with betting websites. On the other hand, with the introduction of numerous mobile sports betting programmes and websites, it is now possible to wager on the go from the convenience of your phone. Football has long been popular in New Zealand, as it is its national sport. However, the Kiwis have never underestimated the importance of other sports.

Soccer is one such sport that has always piqued Kiwis’ curiosity. And the availability of mobile betting platforms for soccer has increased interest in them. Here is a list of some of the greatest mobile platforms where New Zealanders may wager on soccer games.



LeoVegas is well-known for its user-friendly website, but it is also well-known for its application, which you can download on any Apple or Android smartphone. This is regarded as one of the top betting apps available in New Zealand.

Though they have a minor issue with restricted live streaming possibilities, they have compensated by giving speedy in-app help that is always available in the case of a problem while betting. Not to forget, the site provides extensive promo offers to its users and competitive odds, allowing them to make the most of their time while betting on their favourite football league.


Bet on sports 365 days a year, much like the name of this online casino, and watch your luck change in a matter of seconds. This online casino app is highly compatible with both Android and Apple smartphones, and it performs quickly in both operating systems. Bet365 has never failed to constantly deliver the finest odds to all New Zealand players.

Aside from the greatest odds and bonuses, this online casino also features live mobile betting streaming, which allows players to gamble in real-time on their phones. The most unusual feature is the bet builder, which lets you create your own accumulator inside a single match from various markets and cash out quickly.


Betway is one of the top soccer betting applications for New Zealanders. This mobile application provides a wide choice of markets to choose from and a weekly free bet club for players to join and learn from other soccer bettors.

The platform offers Kiwis competitive odds and several odd boosts to take advantage of. Not only that, but they include additional live and multi-features that greatly enrich the experience of online sports betting and are suitable with both operating systems.

online sports betting


If you want to increase your winnings, try betting on soccer leagues in Karamba. When you join this platform, you will receive an incredible sign-up bonus in which you will receive half of your bet back. They include a multi boost feature that increases your chances of winning by 77%. Karamba has a specialised in-app customer care team that will come to your help. They are highly kiwi-friendly and provide a wide choice of New Zealand-specific bets to their kiwi participants.

Bet on Soccer

Best Online Websites to Bet on Soccer in New Zealand

Football has always been a popular sport among New Zealanders. Still, games such as cricket, basketball, or soccer have not long been forgotten. Kiwis are still interested in other sports, and with the country’s sports betting fever, they are looking for ways to bet and benefit from their betting session. But, with so many sports betting websites available, how does one know which one is the best to use to bet on soccer leagues? We’ve created a list of the top and most reliable online platforms where Kiwis may wager on soccer leagues to save you the trouble.

sports betting


Betway is at the top of the list when it comes to providing value odds for your soccer betting while at home in New Zealand. Betway is a platform that is thought to be reliable across all major soccer leagues and games, allowing you to enjoy yourself while betting your money. And if you are a beginner, you might choose to start your soccer betting experience with this platform. The website provides truly customised services to its participants and the opportunity to take advantage of local perks such as deposits in their local currency.


Bet365, another of the most popular and largest websites for soccer betting globally, was founded in 2000. Since then, it has never failed to astound its participants with the diverse selection of odds and betting options accessible across all sports. If you wish to receive any other information from the game’s pre-match, you can do so. Not only that, but they provide one of the best live streaming other features, allowing players to watch the game while betting.


When you win your first bet on LeoVegas, you will be eligible for a profit increase of £100. This sportsbook, founded in 2011 and has decades of experience, has not failed to provide the best possibilities for players to bet on their favourite soccer tournament. They offer a vast spectrum of odds not just in soccer but also in other sports. This is a platform where you can wager on sports while playing casino games and online poker. They feature a variety of payment alternatives, making it simple for any foreign participant to make hassle-free transactions.


Participants can enjoy a wide choice of sports betting and casino betting services thanks to Malta, Curacao, and Storbritannien licences. You may select from various sports betting odds, and the user-friendly interface makes it easy for participants to choose the features they desire. When you register on their website, you’ll also receive a fantastic welcome bonus and sign-up deals. Apart from sports, if you want to add to the thrill, you may also try your hand at other casino and poker games.



Enjoy betting on a clean interface that makes it simple for users to select the soccer leagues they want to wager. Get access to a comprehensive range of pre-match information and live betting choices where you may bet using the match’s real-time scores. Experience sports betting and live casinos on one platform and a variety of bonus offers.

Bet On Sports

Best Strategies to Bet on Sports to Have an Advantage

Whenever it comes to sports, people worldwide share a passion for soccer. New Zealand is no exception. The sport’s growth has led to a need for matches to be televised over multiple platforms, regardless of where the match is or which individual teams are competing. Bettors in New Zealand have access to various sports betting sites; however, it is not only the top websites but also the best strategies that can help a bettor multiply their money. What exactly are these strategies? That will become clear in the coming sections.

Bet Double Chance

Double chance is an ideal betting strategy if you are a risk-taking punter. With double chance, you improve your chances of winning because you wager knowing that you will receive your money when one of two situations occurs. But, if you bet on double chance, the chances will be substantially lower. Therefore you’ll need to risk more to win a decent sum of money.

Bet Small

Making small wagers on casino games or sports betting is one of the safest options. Soccer wagering is exclusively reliant on your cash. When wagering on soccer games, the worst thing you want to do is deposit all of your money at once. When wagering, you should choose many bets you like and divide your money around. It dramatically increases your possibility of success as whenever one bet fails, another wins, but they can maybe both win.

Consider the Number of Goals

Soccer games are highly unpredictable, and placing bets is difficult. The result is open to interpretation. Several soccer punters have benefited from innovative bets such as wagering on scored goals. You only need to do some study before implementing this method. Discover information such as a team’s average shots per game and game form. While wagering on soccer tournaments, facts like this can significantly enhance the win ratio.

Corners Can Be Your Ideal Bet

Corner bet is one of the most recent forms of soccer wagering. It may appear strange, but you can benefit from this choice if you conduct proper research. So can keep track of how many corners a specific team wins on aggregate in each match and apply that information to determine your following bet. Using the ideal method, supported by the evidence, can lead to improved returns.

soccer wagering

Bet on Your Favourite Player or Team

When wagering on soccer, stick with your favourite players or teams. This is among the most prevalent strategies used by experts. It’s an easy method that could significantly boost your number of wins. Favourites have a better chance of winning almost all times. You will win if you bet on your choices, which is safe.

Similarly, the technique is undermined by the poor chances it offers punters. Investing in favourites all the while can end up making it difficult to stay financially profitable. However, you may be confident that you might win more than you lose.

Bets Soccer

Bets Soccer Fans Can Make To Earn More Profit of Their Money

The soccer World Cup, or football World Cup, as it is commonly called, has kept the entire world together and bonded with the game. Though it is not as popular as cricket or rugby, it has established itself in sports betting in New Zealand. With each casino bet having its own set of regulations, methods, and times for placing bets, soccer bettors must learn about the bets they may make to profit more from what they are investing into. Here are some of the bets that will undoubtedly help you make a profit the next time you do so.

Totals Bets

A total bet or an over/under bet is a wager on the number of scores scored by both sides in a game in total. When you place this wager, you are not attempting to anticipate the precise number but rather predicting if the overall score will go above or under a specified number. So, in soccer, you must forecast the number of goals scored during the game.

Halftime Results Bet

Sometimes referred to as a double result bet, you as a player try to guess the half-time score, if the host team wins, the match will result in a draw, or the opposition team will win, followed by another thing at the end of the match.

Halftime/ Fulltime Double Bets

A half-time/full-time double bet is comparable to a double chance bet, which is further explained below. In this case, punters must bet on the result at half-time as a different bet and the outcome at full time as a second bet.

Money line Bets

Money line Bets

A money line bet, which is quite simple to make, is one of the most prevalent bets. It is a wager on which side wins a particular game.

Draw no Bet

The Draw No Wager strategy in a betting field merely removes the result of a draw on three pools, leaving gamblers to bet on a home or away win. It implies that the bettor must be sure about the side they want to be on.

Point Spread

A point spread is a wager on a game’s winning margin. It indicates that a specific set of points will prefer the better side based on the estimated skill differential between the two groups. It also refers to the victory margin in New Zealand.

Double Chance

This type of wager betting is designed to increase your odds of succeeding from a single match. In football, it can ensure two of the three possible results in a single wager, merging the win/draw for both teams or eliminating the choice for the draw entirely.

Prop Bets

This is a gamble that considers a particular player’s or team’s talent and odds of success. It is also known as a skills prop bet.

Goal Scorer

A Goalscorer bet is wagering on a specific player scoring a goal in a game. Goalscorer betting is a moderate betting choice offered on soccer games and events in other games where a score is referred to as a goal other than football.

Chatham Cup

Chatham Cup Draw Controversy

Focus on this week’s Footballsouth Premier League matches was diverted slightly due to some controversy regarding the Chatham Cup draw.He’s been like this since the Chatham CUP draw

The draw was made live on radio on Monday, but prior to that, there were versions of the draw being bandied around which cast some aspersions on the validity of the ‘live’ draw.

For when the ‘live’ draw produced, a head on Cup clash between Dunedin Technical and Caversham, heads were shaking since that important match exactly replicated the earlier unofficial draw and conspiracy theorists were everywhere. As the cartoon on right shows – many folk were extremely shocked..

However Footballsouth’s operations co-ordinator Peter Ritchie accepted that his computer included the two teams that had ‘byes’ in the earlier round, Technical and Caversham, into his automatic fixture producing programme.

He clarified the situation, deleted that draw but enough soccer fans had by then seen his Bill Chisholmversion prior to the ‘live’ official draw, and kick started rumours and thoughts of conspiracy.

Footballsouth General Manager Bill Chisholm said it was just a computer glitch, magnified by the eventual ‘live’ draw once again pairing Technical and Caversham to play each other in the next Cup round on 7 June.

Naturally the southern region would have preferred two of its stronger sides to proceed into the open national draw against top opposition, but, ‘ Live draws run by the national body can produce any permutations – that is the nature of Cup football, and I am satisfied’ said Chisholm.

WaggettFPL leader Caversham will now concentrate on its demanding fixture against third placed Mosgiel at Memorial park on Saturday. All FPL matches start at 2.45 pm.

Mosgiel may not have the player depth or staying power to actually win the competition, but is more than capable of upsetting any team in the league.

Aging talent such as Phil Kelly, Mike McGarry, Shayne Danielson and Pat Howell may still feel aches and pains in midweek, but they will all step up for critical matches if they are at all able to play and aim at an upset.

Meanwhile Caversham’s large assembled playing squad – the envy of many other clubs – brings with it as many problems as answers.Jackson

Three returning players from the USA, Pat Fleming, Seamus Ryder and Tom Jackson, plus guest American players Taylor Powers and Dave Butler may require a re-jig of the team shape from what was already a strong squad.

No doubt coaches Steve Fleming and Andy Deeley will have utilized last weeks Cup bye to test a few team combinations, but match play is what counts.

Dunedin Technical will also be wary of a slight stumble against Green Island at the Caledonian ground. Malcolm Fleming’s young side is better organized now defensively, and even one dropped point could be critical for Technical’s silverware ambitions.

Braes jumpNorthern hosts Roslyn-Wakari at the Gardens. Just two points separate the sides, and the vagaries of corrigated surface and that tilted slope of the Gardens ground could introduce a real random factor in what is always a tight match.

For a change, Grants Braes starts as favourite against University at Ocean Grove. Coach Al Laidler’s team’s no nonsense football has elevated that club above the students as well as Spirit and Green Island, and was unlucky not to progress further in the Cup last week.

University is playing tidy football under Brazilian Luiz Uehara, yet has so far been punished by unforced errors, but the team still has great potential.

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